... Blonde again!

Red was fo a brief instant, so now, I'm blonde again! I kiss you people, you're here, you let comments and it's heal my poor lonely heart. I came to your worlds and frequently, I smile, because you love life, strange food and other peoples! I'm proud to be friend with some of you!

After a coupl of month...

Naked shots of me exciting bad fucking boys who believe I'm a whore, they don't understand that a girl, sometimes, want to take her courage and show what she feel ugly in her, they don't understand it's hard for every girl to show nudity on the web, reasons are many, but for me, it's for vanquish my disgust of myself, because I don't love my body, I know I'm cute, but it's in my head! So, I maintain this blog and thank all of you for your nice comments!

One of my favorite movie! I love Mike M!