London, Spring, Goooood!

London in spring, that's a cool thing! I hope to meet you in my favorite neighborhoods, the corner of a shop or pub. I'll stay a few days before returning. My savages animals miss me a little, and my man too, but it feels good to get away and breathe a bit (it's a big word in London! Lol!).

Freedom to love - Tara Angell

Back to Black (again...)

Yes I know... I'm dark again, but it's just a test for me, I want to know if I'm more seducing like that, for my boy only! So, I take some pictures for my followers and because this days, I feel my sexiness!!! Yeah, Ele feeling sexy, it's rare, but for a couple of days, it's the reality!!! Hope you have a good day my friends! Kissing you!!!