And Then Came Lola

I love lesbians who don't take themselves too seriously. This film is about lesbians and how lesbians feel about other lesbians, friends, lovers, and former lovers. Gosh, the world is lesbian for a day and it's great. As lovable, but slightly disorganized, Lola (Ashleigh Sumner) dashes across San Francisco to deliver some prints her girlfriend Casey (Jill Bennett) needs for a meeting, you have to wonder--will she ever get the girl? I won't ruin it, but just watching her try, over and over and over again (Groundhog Day anyone?) is entertaining and fun. The film also manages to find a way to the audience to some beautiful, sexy scenes. It helps that the actresses in those scenes are OUT lesbians. No straight girls pretending to be gay here (thank god). Lesbians playing lesbians in a world that is lesbian every which way you look.....I mean, what could be better? The cinematography is a cut above and San Francisco has never looked so beautiful. Also, the soundtrack is great!


In bed with... Ele! is it a fantasy for you? Nope, I guess, however, I wait for my boy, who's very far of me and our cold cold bed. It's hard to wait for him, but I'm very buzy!!! So, go to work!!!

Sun, where are you?

I'm hungry for sun! and for cookie dough! and for my man! and for the boobies of Cameron! I'm starving! Anybody satisfy me?

Inception... Rawrrr!

In the 2010 movie summer we were desperate for a really good movie. Something really smart, clever, action packed, and suspenseful. And knowing Christopher Nolan, we were going to get more than what we bargained for. This is easily the best movie of 2010. This movie combines the elements of what we love in a movie, hotel fights (Zero-G, nice touch), mountain fortress brawls, etc. After what we had this year, we may have been desperate, but Nolan is our savior. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a very complicated character, only a handful of people couldve done what he did. Both films that he was in this year bended our minds (Shutter Island and Inception). Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a very likeable character. Ken Watanabe is very dark character, in the beginning you think he is the antagonist, but it turns out he is not the bad guy. Ellen Page plays as "the newbie" in this film, new in this field of work. Tom Hardy also plays as a very cool character, he holds some comic relief in tormenting Joseph Gordon Levitt at some parts. Dileep Rao plays as a very likeable character as well, he knows his stuff. Cillian Murphy is the target or client in this movie. Marion Cotillard plays as the antagonist, and every time she appears it widens your eyes cause you know something will happen. If mindbending was a martial art in The Last airbender (which it failed to do, at least we still have that epic show) Christopher Nolan mastered it. No character is annoying, every character is likeable. You feel bad for Leo in this movie. And the ending will make you throw a fit because it brings that good "awwww" not because it is bad. This is an instant classic, in 20 years people will look back and say "Inception is a true classic."

Big kiss from a wet country!

American Psycho (Uncut Killer Collector's Edition)

To put it in colloquial terms, Christian Bale `rocks!' In actuality, a casual and modest Brit, for American Psycho, Bale transforms absolutely into his worst nightmare: a psychotic, American serial killer with a touch of pathetic nerdiness. He, along with his co-workers in mergers and executions...(ehem)...acquisitions (Bateman makes the same mistake in the movie), as well as society for that matter, are ridiculously obsessed with pop culture materialism. Brand named clothing, professional-looking business cards, modern apartment buildings, and lots and lots of money are just a few of the things at the top of Patrick Bateman's priority list. Bateman is a seemingly normal business executive who treats his secretary with friendly dignity, shmoozes with his colleagues, and leads a healthy personal life. However, he hides a solitary dark secret that no one knows (or believes, even after being told). Patrick Bateman has a severe, uncontrollable lust for blood. As Bateman attempts to survive under the everyday pressures of life, he is further antagonized by his own primal urges. What begins as an occasional nightly killing transpires into a rampage of wild murders, regardless of the hour of day. Bateman descends deeper and deeper into his nightmare until he reaches a point where there is no returning to reality. He has gone over the limit. He no longer has any knowledge of who he is. Patrick Bateman is lost forever. When Christian Bale steps into the role of Patrick Bateman, sparks fly. His performance is so powerful, that it will undoubtedly grip its audience (whether they like the film on the whole or not). His character is unique and exotic to the viewer; nevertheless to the movie's various characters, he appears to be ridiculously ordinary and harmless. The audience is taken into the mindset of this madman struggling to lead a normal life, and they are scared stiff of him, at the same time as being strangely endeared towards him (like The Talented Mr. Ripley, only less dramatically). We look at Bateman as such an exaggerated caricature of modern materialistic society that he becomes dreadfully funny. The movie, with its milder gore than the original novel by Bret Easton Ellis, is doused with some good humor and clever subtexts, most notably, the materialism already described. The brilliance of American Psycho lies in its ability to hold the viewer captive while dragging him into the lifestyle of its main character, being capable of squeezing laughter out of him, as well as being able to scare him to death. Much of this credit is owed to director Mary Harron for her skillful interpretation of the film and beautiful (if that is the right word for it) shooting of the film. In the end, American Psycho is a colorful piece of modern-day, avant-garde, in many ways disgusting artistry that just so happens to involve a perverse murderer. Though it is highly controversial, and a large percentage of people will not enjoy this film, I found it to be interesting and entertaining.

Autumn? Not for me, thank you!

Oooooow, I hate this freaky cold season, this bloody temperatures downing to the freezing fucking cold! So, if I cannot warm me except with my winter clothes, I warmth you with picta!!!! Always frozen? Sorry, I'm not Wolden or Cameron! Just ya freakin monsta Ele!