And Then Came Lola

I love lesbians who don't take themselves too seriously. This film is about lesbians and how lesbians feel about other lesbians, friends, lovers, and former lovers. Gosh, the world is lesbian for a day and it's great. As lovable, but slightly disorganized, Lola (Ashleigh Sumner) dashes across San Francisco to deliver some prints her girlfriend Casey (Jill Bennett) needs for a meeting, you have to wonder--will she ever get the girl? I won't ruin it, but just watching her try, over and over and over again (Groundhog Day anyone?) is entertaining and fun. The film also manages to find a way to the audience to some beautiful, sexy scenes. It helps that the actresses in those scenes are OUT lesbians. No straight girls pretending to be gay here (thank god). Lesbians playing lesbians in a world that is lesbian every which way you look.....I mean, what could be better? The cinematography is a cut above and San Francisco has never looked so beautiful. Also, the soundtrack is great!


Olivia S. said...

I love lesbian movies with a glimpse of comedy!

Anonymous said...

c'est pas trop caricatural? parce que j'aime pas les clichés.

Anonymous said...

c'est un film que je regarderai par curiosité, mais les actrices n'ont pas l'air trés convaincantes.

Fast Girl said...

Thanks for such a great write up on the film. You totally got it! :-))

BTW, I posted a link to your mini-review on our FB fan page:

Ellen Seidler

KATRYN said...

I'm pretty interested by thes genre.