Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Woooooo, after a good while of playing Rune Factory 3 I absolutely love it. The system is nice, the time advances even in buildings so you have to pace your work, the combat system is also a lot better than the past games. The system is definitely an improvement from it's predecessors. Hell, the weather system is also dynamic since it can change mid-day. Of course, that means hurricanes mid-day which are absolutely trolls. At least the game allows you to work during hurricanes as well as visit the other characters.
The party system is also very good, since you can now invite villagers to fight with you in dungeons and stuff. None of the villagers are any good at first until you've actually leveled them up or raised their stats by giving them certain items. Their favorite items of course heal them quite a bit.
The only problem I had was most likely the depth of the story, the dungeons are amazingly short. They could be longer, a lot longer. Of course, they give you another dungeon in the Sharance Tree that Micah, the main character, lives in. A randomly generated dungeon that can give items and can be used for general training, not farming of course.
If I had to say one thing it would be: If you ever play Rune Factory 3, you will never go back to 1, 2, or Frontier ever again. That's my opinion though.


Olivia S. said...

After playing the first Rune Factory game, I was pretty disappointed but I knew my love for any Harvest Moon type game would have me coming back. Rune Factory 2 was an improvement, though not without its own faults and shortcomings. I waited eagerly for the third installment and boy, was I rewarded for my patience!

KATRYN said...

thank you for the many advices! I love my Nintendo DS!

BeCca said...

I love that game! The two before are great!